Welcome to my blog and gallery.  I am an artist living in NE, Ohio with my wife Kathleen and our children.

Brief biography

I dropped out of the Cincinnati Art Academy during my first year to go to New York.  I lived briefly in Chelsea and then the East Village for a number of years.  Most of my exhibition history is in New York and New Jersey.  I supported myself from the sale of my work, mostly prints (etchings and lithographs), through my dealer in New York.  Eventually, I earned an MFA from City College.  Later I moved to Brooklyn and then to New Jersey; finally, we moved to Ohio on Lake Erie.

I never wanted to be a professor, consequentially I’ve had a variety of jobs.

Here is a recent picture of me (late 2014) with the unfinished Washington Square.  Since this photo, I’ve moved my studio.  Here’s the finished version of the painting.

Me with the unfinished Washington Square on the easel

Me with the unfinished Washington Square on the easel

About the blog and gallery

I use my blog to write about art and art making. One goal I set myself is to write about things that practicing artists and art students can find useful–the nuts and bolts of art making. I also review exhibitions, books, music, and films. Occasionally I write about politics, current events, and the wider culture. But art is my main focus and the reason for the blog.

The online gallery is roughly organized by date, although many (most) of my works are not online. This is especially true of my earlier work, of which only a fraction is online. It takes time to go through the older work and I’ve lost track of a lot of the owners, especially the print collectors. I add older pieces to the gallery as I’ve time.

I painted this large work (6′ x 8′) titled Black Lake in the late ’80’s when I was still living in New York. To date, it’s the largest painting I’ve done.




You can contact me through the site, or you can email me at: tom@ thomasparkerhudson.com.

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