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Turpentine diaries 9/9/17

The studio is busy just now.  The drawing is a study for a large painting I’m preparing to launch.  The figures, except for the right-hand two, are prominent in the new painting’s design.  I plan 2-3 more figures in the large painting.  ‘Large’ in this case means 4.5′ by 5.5′,  The drawing is pen &…

Draw this

Cezanne, I think, told a young artist that the best way to learn was to draw and paint the stove in his studio.  I think this is excellent advice.  If you can draw the mundane, you can draw anything.  There’s a catch, of course.  What the hell is mundane?  No one has answered that question, as…

Drawing transferred for new painting

I worked on the drawing/cartoon for Down on Prospect Avenue for a week.  In the top photo, I just finished tracing the cartoon, which you can see still stapled to the canvas.  I removed the transfer paper to examine the drawing.  If I miss something, I can cover the canvas with the cartoon and trace it…

Pastels on canvas

These two recent pastel drawings are on canvas. Primed canvas is an unusual support for pastels or charcoal because it’s not absorbent enough.  Pastel chalk falls off too easily.  I originally intended to use these canvases for paintings.  I had actually started painting on the larger of the two (the gray area in the lower left),…

Drawing, drawing, drawing

Drawing is the heart and soul of art.  If the drawing is strong, you have to work hard to screw up a painting.  If the drawing is weak, you have to work hard to just produce mediocrity. I’ve gone through periods during which I did more drawing than painting, especially when I was young and painting…

In the studio 12/6/15

I spent most of my time recently working on new paintings that are still too raw to show. I am also working on a new cycle of pieces that are still in the drawing stage. I had to order a box of pencils. I also got some new sharpeners. I do not like the electric type.…


Tom Hudson

Whenever someone asks me what is the most important thing about art, my answer is unequivocal: DRAWING!

Many artists don’t like this answer. It’s easy to attack straw men when it comes to drawing, or any other aspect of art. But the main reason this answer is unpopular is that drawing is hard.  Drawing is like sports. It takes practice to develop muscles and it’s easy to get out of shape.  But it’s paramount. Drawing is where you meet yourself and discover who you are and where you find your voice.


Tom Hudson

Over the past number of days, I’ve been up to my elbows in preparing canvases and working on the drawings for large-format (44″ x 60″) paintings.  The drawing can take a considerable amount of time.  There’s no point in skimping or rushing.  Besides, I LOVE IT!