RGH Atelier Series oil

I bought a small 4 oz-bottle of RGH's Atelier Series of refined linseed to oil to test. According to RGH's website, the Atelier Series is "...clarified, hand-washed, cold pressed linseed and walnut oils. No heat, chemicals, or bleaches have been used. We have used historical methods for … Continue reading

Reusing a drawing

I started a small oil yesterday. I transferred the drawing, or cartoon, to the canvas as I had earlier to a sheet of watercolor paper. You can see from the photo that both formats are of the same size. The watercolor paper is pretty good. I might finish it with watercolors, gauche, or a … Continue reading

Recent paint buy

I refreshed my paint stock last week. Instead of buying from Blue Ridge or RGH as I have been, I bought these oils from Blick. I like RGH but their tubes--the physical tubes--are the worst I've ever tried to use. As for Blue Ridge, I noticed that their flake white is less covering that … Continue reading

Scale again

Yesterday, I wrote about how scale affects paint handling. A figure on a 6-inch canvas is painted differently than the same figure on a 6-foot canvas. Pretty straightforward but a lot of artists get stuck in a 'one size fits all' approach. There's also another way that scale determines my … Continue reading