Bristle brushes

Even though I sometimes disparage bristle brushes, I use them all the time. I use them for medium or broad passages--not for finer areas. Like most students, I was taught that real painters used bristles ('hogs'), and the bigger the better. Of course, this only led to frustration on those … Continue reading

Good flake white

Utrecht flak white continues to surprise me with its good performance. Considering its modest price, it's a good value. I am using it throughout this painting titled The Fair. It covers well and handles crisply. When thinned it retains strong covering strength. An excellent flake white. I … Continue reading

Paint bigly

I am painting three new canvases that fit the bigly category. Big for me, is 4' x 5' or thereabouts. In the preceding weeks, I was drawing bigly too--working on the drawings for the new work. Here is a studio shot of the three biglies. Two of them are 4' x 5' and the other is 44" x … Continue reading

RGH Atelier Series oil

I bought a small 4 oz-bottle of RGH's Atelier Series of refined linseed to oil to test. According to RGH's website, the Atelier Series is "...clarified, hand-washed, cold pressed linseed and walnut oils. No heat, chemicals, or bleaches have been used. We have used historical methods for … Continue reading