I think no, I mean yes

...but it's all wrong... So the song goes. This is a painting that I turned to the wall for a long time as I tried to work out what was bothering me about it. I do this frequently when I hit a wall. I put the painting aside and think about it. Sometimes solutions come to me in dreams or daydreams. … Continue reading

Turpentine diaries 7/21/19

The first day painting on a new design is always exiting. True, paintings almost never live up to the vision in my mind's eye, but I start every new painting with the same anticipation. I can't wait to get started! This photo shows The Green Umbrella after a four-hour painting session. … Continue reading

Turpentine diaries 7/14/19

In recent days I've spent time preparing new paintings, that is, drawing and finishing designs. However, I did spend some time actually painting. I had several sessions with my most recent painting, Lens. Unfinished 'Lens' on the easel Most objects come alive under the brush by using the … Continue reading

Turpentine diaries 7/6/19

After several days of drawing, I spent the last 5-6 days working on The Lens (unfinished painting on the easel). I started with the over-painting today before running out of gas. My main palette, the rectangular one on the white cart, contains my colors and mixtures: cool and warm grays, … Continue reading