Month: August 2013

In the Studio 8/25/2013

My wife hates this unfinished self-portrait. She says it doesn’t look anything like me–I look a bit crazed. Ha! In the recent batch of self-portraits, I want to be relentless. My fellow artists will understand my meaning.

Poem: Full-Blood Moon

Through the narrow window, the full-blood moon floated in the black water of the bathtub, next to where you laid with your face against the wall sobbing. Pressing my cheek to yours, I glimpsed, the unfurled flags of defeat and something I didn’t understand. Aug., 2013

Painting Mediums Revisited

Someone asked why I fudged the proportion of varnish in my medium recipe. Varnishes differ widely from one another. Some are made with oil and some are made with thinner. Some start concentrated with the expectation that they will be thinned later, while others are already thinned to some desired consistency. Damar, which along with…