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In the studio 11/17/2013

Some current work. The top-most painting is a small self-portrait on wood. I had planned further development but–you know what?–it looks OK as it is. So it’s finished.


Bonfoey keeps its door locked so visitors have to wait to be buzzed into the gallery. Yesterday, for the third time, I was prevented from entering the gallery because nobody buzzed me in. THIRD TIME. Were they all at lunch? Were they all at a party?

My time is precious, so–needless to say–no more trips to Bonfoey.

Phooey on Bonfoey!

Schoepfle Garden photo session

Last Sunday was perfect for getting outside. Windy and brisk, the sun broke through thick clouds to transform the afternoon gloom into a dazzling spectacle of light and shade–ideal for photography. I rambled around the Schoepfle Gardens with my adored Nikon D5200 taking 200 photographs. The formal gardens intertwined with unkempt wooded areas provides ample…

Lake Erie boating season ends

Sadly, the boating season is over on the Great Lakes. Lake Erie won’t be frozen-over for another month but low water levels on the Vermilion River, and frequent storms ends the season except for the professional fishing boats and giant freighters. The latter will run until January. The Betty Jane was hauled out several days…

In the studio Nov. 11, 2013

Here is some recent work. The Call is 36″ x 48″; the other painting is somewhat larger. I am doing a series about making The Call. The current version does not warrant another update in the series. John Fishing is almost finished. The sky portion of the right-hand horizon is still too light.

Painting: Mrs. Keeley

This model turned out to be a favorite. This is the fourth painting to come out of a session with her. The long-suffering Mrs. Keeley agreed, to her regret, to an interminable photo session one chilly spring evening. Her white sweater and hair seen against the unpainted studio wall proved fascinating. That plus her shiny-bright…

In the Studio 11/3/2013

Both of these paintings were finished yesterday. The larger is portrait of my nurse, Mrs. Keeley, who administered to me when I was very sick several years ago. The smaller is another self-portrait.