PJ Harvey

I don't follow pop music like I did when I was a teenager. The iTunes playlists I listen to while painting have very few artists that weren't popular by, say, the 80's. But I recently added several songs by PJ Harvey to my playlists. I discovered her while listening to 'Tom Waits' radio on iTunes. … Continue reading

New links

Two recent links will be useful to people interested in the technical aspects of painting. Tad Spurgeon's site provides a wealth of information about oils. This site describes how to make oil paints.While I haven't followed the advice of either:-), both have a lot of reference … Continue reading

In the studio 1/26/214

Considering today is Keith's birthday, it's fitting to be working on paintings for which he posed. Both paintings are almost finished. My wife laughs when I say this because I am notorious for reworking 'finished' paintings. I'm liable to pick up a finished work at any time and start in if I … Continue reading