In the studio 1/1/2014

What better way to start the new year than in the studio, eh? I was up at 5:00 as usual (no late night revelry for me!) and pitched right in.
‘Main Street #2’ is part of a small series. ‘Main Street #1,’ subtitled ‘The Antique Shop’ is slightly smaller and has 5 figures compared to 2’s 14(!). Perhaps next time I’ll show them both side by side.

'Main Street #2' on the easel

‘Main Street #2’ on the easel

Although I usually draw during the non-daylight hours, my new natural-light lamps are good enough to paint by during those hours. That’s a big deal in the winter.

I’ve resolved to get a new easel this year. The raggedy one in the photograph is 15 years old and starting to show its age. My other easel is even older and is held together by various jerry-rigged contrivances. I’ll probably throw that one out.

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