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Tom Hudson

I added RGH to my oil paint brand reference. RGH has supplanted Winsor Newton as my preferred mid-range brand. My second order from RGH arrived–again, shipped immediately–and the cold-pressed linseed flake white is very good. The outstanding quality along with competitive pricing makes this new brand a winner. Oh, they also included a free jar of permanent yellow.

Philip Pearlstein

I didn’t know Philip Pearlstein long enough for him to be a true mentor, but even so he made a powerful and long-lasting impression on me. During the 80’s Philip was on the staff of Brooklyn College. His presence was the main reason Brooklyn College’s graduate fine arts department was ranked #2 in the country behind only…

In the studio 5/4/2014

Here is another painting from the cycle of large paintings ( this one is 42″ x 56″) that I am doing. The drawing was finished yesterday and it took yesterday and today to finish the initial under-painting. Following my usual practice, the detailed drawing–pencil over a raw umber ground–took several days. After fixing the drawing…

Review: RGH Oil Paint

RGH Oils is a small manufacturer that promotes its wide-range of lead-based whites. I think that is smart. There is an opportunity here for small suppliers to fill the gap left as the larger companies cut production–and raise prices to lurid heights. After using the paints from my first order (shipped instantly, by the way),…