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In the studio 6/22/2014

Besides finishing The Call, I recently worked on the paintings in this photo. Today’s session was the second painting session for the one on the right, Heated Discussion (the drawing took several sessions). The painting in the upper-left, Explain (or maybe just Plain–I haven’t decided) is almost done. I am hoping that one more session will…

Study: finishing The Call

The 36″ x 48″ oil titled The Call is finished. This is the seventh and final post in the series about making this painting. Here are the links to the other posts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 I started the painting in May 2013 and finished it yesterday on the…


Tom Hudson

I haven’t been to the Cleveland Museum of Art in several weeks. After visiting the Met last Friday, I thought I might forgo my weekly visits to the Cleveland museum for awhile. Although Cleveland is a fine museum, it’s not the Met. But here it is, a mere week later and I am hot to visit the museum again. So I am going later today. I also plan a trip to the Met in three weeks.


Tom Hudson

I came across an amusing article in the infrequently read (for me) online mag Vulture called Zombies on the Walls. It decries the flood of copy-cat abstraction drowning the market, calling the the trend M.F.A. Abstraction among other less polite things. Give it a read.

Visit to the Met

My daughter Jane and son Keith accompanied me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art the other day.  Next to the Louvre, the Met is my favorite museum. I am going again in three weeks. The painting that struck me with the most force is Goya’s Group on a Balcony.  It’s paintings like this that elevate…

In the studio 6/15/2104

After getting back from my short trip to New York city last night, I was back in the studio at 5:00 A.M. I couldn’t wait to get back to work. Graduation Day is still in the under-painting stage. This morning I worked on the girl in the foreground, the right-hand background, and the woman in…


Tom Hudson

My son and I are flying to Trenton this evening where my daughter will join us. We’re taking the train to Manhattan tomorrow (I met their mother on a train from Manhattan) to visit galleries and go to the Met. We’ll be back home to the studio on Saturday. Frontier Airlines has a great deal on tickets from Cleveland to Trenton.

Starting a new painting

Here is the beginning of a new painting. After fixing the pencil drawing with ink, I covered the surface with broad color areas. The goal of this initial layer is to cover the entire surface with local colors. The drawing took several days but I did the laying-in in a single day. Next, I’ll rework the entire surface strengthening…