Finished “John Fishing”

This morning I finished the 40″ x 48″ oil titled John Fishing. It should be titled John Fishing–ha ha. My son John is not an avid fisherman. Dropping his pole in the water then settling down for a nice snooze is his favorite fishing method.

The painting titled 'John Fishing,' finished this morning

The painting titled ‘John Fishing,’ finished this morning

This is one of my boat series. Unlike the other paintings in the series, the color is subdued in this painting. Painting water is tricky. You can get too wrapped up in the waves and other accidents, or settle for a water-like sketch. I think I hit a nice middle course in this painting.

The cotton canvas was the last of an old roll and too lightweight for such a large painting. I would never buy lightweight canvas today. I fought that damn canvas throughout the entire process. Avoid lightweight canvas except for small-format paintings.

Finally, according to my studio journal, today’s session was the 20th for this painting.

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