In the studio 9/21/14

I had several sessions with this painting, Dinner in Trenton, over the past few days. It was the first opportunity to use my new Terkell flats; first-rate brushes–and affordability priced.

On the easel, the unfinished 'Dinner in Trenton'

On the easel, the unfinished ‘Dinner in Trenton’

How many more sessions? Hard to say. Working on a large painting (Dinner in Trenton is 42″ x 56″) is a series of calculations.  It’s easy to make extra work for yourself if you don’t pay attention. The idea is to make succeeding layers easier because of solid underlying layers.  Things can get tricky when there are many layers, as is typical for me. The best approach is to make everything as close to finished all the time; to make solid decisions every time I touch the brush. There’s always more to do later.

I’m talking here about painting. Regular readers know I having many drawing sessions on a new painting before I touch the brush. Solid drawing is the key.

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