Move-in day in the new studio

My first session in the new studio! In this photo, you can see two easels set up and ready to go. The third one is off the frame to the left. The old studio had room for just one easel.

New studio, moving day

New studio, moving day

I have  a bank of natural daylight lights running along the steel beam in the middle of the ceiling to augment the two windows. The lights mean I can paint during the morning and evening hours in the winter. In the old studio, I restricted myself to drawing during the gloomy hours.

It’s a little chilly but not too much worse than the old studio with its bank of windows and unused fireplace (no fires in the studio!). We cut a heat duct in the ceiling and added an oil-sealed electric heater (the kind you never have to refill). The result is acceptable. The high yesterday was 19 and it was perfectly fine. Of course, I had to run the heater at high all day but, I’m happy with the result.

I’m waiting for an Asus WiFi card for my computer. Up to now I connected my self-made computer directly to the router with a LAN cable. When the card arrives, the computer will connect to the router via WiFi, like the other computers in the house. Then I’ll complete the move by moving my computer to the new studio. The only bad thing about my computer is that it isn’t portable.

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