Oil brush update 1/30/15

I’ve bought brushes marketed as ‘Russian-made sables’ at different times and from different vendors. The actual manufacturer is obscure. Their only identifying marking is the distinctive logo, which you can see in the accompanying photo. In addition to the logo, the brushes have long, mahogany handles. They are excellent brushes for oil (I’ve never used them for watercolor). Performance is first-rate; they are full-bodied but retain their shape, and have above-average lifespans. They are in the $10-$20 price range, which is considerably more than the other sable brushes I use, such as Trekell’s sables, but if you want a long-handled sable, they represent excellent value.

Russian-made, long-handle sable brush

Russian-made, long-handle sable brush

These brushes in the 4+ size range are an especially good value. I rarely use sables above size 3 (I use hogs for most work), so their lack of ruggedness isn’t an issue. The few ‘Russian-made’ brushes I have in the 4-6 size range have lasted a long time. (I don’t think I’ve ever used a sable above size 6.)

These Russian-made sables are my preferred brush in the (admittedly narrow) category of Sable Brush Plus Sizes.

I’ve added these brushes to my oil brush reference. I purchased them last from Artist Supply Source.

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