In the studio 2/18/15

The under-painting is done on The Photographer. All color areas are close to their planned final tone. Having said that, no part of the painting is finished; with the figure being the least finished. I’m happy with the stool and the hat.

This 36″ x 48″ painting is thematically close to the similarly-sized The Explainer, which was finished late last year. Both paintings depict a single female figure in public, although The Explainer is an interior.

The unfinished painting titled 'The Photographer' on the easel

The unfinished painting titled ‘The Photographer’ on the easel

The canvas was prepared in the usual way: several coats of GAC 100, followed by coats of acrylic gesso (all lightly sanded). The final layer is quick-drying,  neutral-gray oil paint (not oil ground). If I was preparing a canvas today, I would finish with an oil ground instead of just paint.

For those who are curious, the greens are all variations of chromium oxide green (the Queen of all greens), with additions of viridian and cold black for the darks, and naples yellow and yellow ochre for the lights.

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