Month: March 2015

In the studio 3/8/15

Yesterday’s painting session was the 4th for Taking Note. The underapinting is finished, which is fast (for me) considering it’s large size–42″ x 56″. But it’s only a single figure and the design is simple and straightforward. In the background on the floor is the new Sunday Parade, which is also 42″ x 56″. After several…

Tom Hudson

My large order of heavy-duty stretcher strips arrived from Jerry’s on Thursday. Enough stretchers and cross braces for 12 paintings: 6 @ 36″ x 48″; 6 @ 40″ x 50″. I am preparing three at a time–three of one size and then three of the other and so forth. Buying in bulk saves money plus I got them on sale–$275 for the lot.  I have everything necessary to prepare the canvases–GAC 100, acrylic gesso, and oil ground. And the canvas, of course.

These 12 new canvases along with the 12 larger ones I prepared earlier (the biggest is 5′ x 6′) will keep me busy for awhile.

Tom Hudson

I’ve whined before about the jars RGH uses for its paint. They’re useless–worse than useless. They don’t seal properly so unless you use the paint straightaway, it’s wasted. I lost one half of a 250ml jar this way. Even spraying water over the paint failed to preserve it.

The jars nullify an otherwise brilliant strategy. RGH offers the all-import lead white in a variety of sizes and binders. As far as I know, RGH is the only supplier that allows customers to select the binder–cold-press linseed, walnut, refined linseed, and others. Their prices are good too. But the jars make it moot and transform an instant buy into an avoid.

I notice that RGH now offers a 125ml tube of white, but the tube is priced at the same price as a 250ml jar! At this price, the tubbed white is not a bargin.

Tom Hudson

I corrected the Gamblin entry in my oil paint brands reference. I erroneously provided the price of a 150ml tube of cerulean blue ($71. 21) instead of the 37ml tube, which is $26.21–a significant difference.

Broken easel

I gushed about my new easel last spring. It was my first new easel in a very long time. My other two easels are old and broken down. I’m always fighting them. The new easel–Utrecht Artist’s Convertible Easel, Vertical/Horizontal (51772-1001)–can support canvases up to 97″ high. It’s rugged but still mobile. I haven’t tested its limits, but…

Mountain Retreat

Clouds Visiting a Mountain Retreat, 1633, T. Hong

The beautiful painting Clouds Visiting a Mountain Retreat is currently on view at the Cleveland Art Museum. The museum regularly rotates its vast Asian collection, and new works (new to me) are frequently to be found. The cloud-swathed mountain dominates the landscape; the travellers in the lower-left are easily overlooked. It’s early morning or early…

In the studio 3/1/15

I worked the past several days on finishing the under-painting of The Woman in Purple Boots. The Woman in Purple Boots is 40″ x 50″ which is a nice size and format. I’m thinking of preparing a batch of canvases that size, say 4-5. I often prepare batches of the same size. Last year, I prepared 7-8 canvases that are…