In the studio 4/26/2015

Junk in a junk shop–oops!, antique shop–and people milling about doing what people do. Main Street #1 is composed from three photos. I moved figures around, as I often do, in a photo of an antique shop on Main St, and added figures from two other photos. Three photos for a painting is about par for me these days.

The unfinished 'Main Street #1' on the easel

The unfinished ‘Main Street #1’ on the easel

This morning I gave a lot of attention to the items in the shop window. There is a lot of stuff in that window and finding the proper treatment is challenging, but fun! The central figures run from back to front as the scale changes. The stuff in the window pulls things together and keeps things rooted. A parrot; a carved and painted sea captain; a boat anchor; a model ship.

I don’t usually post ‘In the studio’ posts on back to back days, but I talked about issues around secondary details in yesterday’s post and this painting is a sturdy counter point to Heated Discussion.  In Heated Discussion, the theme is simpler and the secondary motif draws undue attention. In the more complicated Main Street #1, the secondary motif (shop window) keeps things rooted–the  more details the better!. The same issue in both paintings but with diametrically opposite conclusions.


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