In the studio 7/25/15

I've spent a lot of time this week drawing--preparing large paintings that have complicated designs.  This morning I pulled out some smaller pieces to do some actual painting. The upper painting, titled Girl in a White Blouse, is my second attempt of this subject.  The first effort was smaller … Continue reading

In the studio 7/19/15

I've been preparing canvases (stretching, applying gesso and toned grounds) and doing a lot of drawing. I thought Graduation Day was ready for the end game several times but I was wrong. It's close now.  Some things that bothered me have been worked out (no, I won't tell). Tomorrow, … Continue reading

In the studio 7/12/15

It's really overcast today and the studio lights affect tones.  It's either the studio lights or a flash, which would be worse, so the photo isn't very good. Picnic is 40" x 56."  It's oil over acrylic toned ground. The ground is the same as in the painting I finished yesterday, and, as with … Continue reading

In the studio 7/11/15

I finished Dinner in Trenton this morning.  Today's session was the 20th.  Dinner in Trenton is 40" x 56."  The ground was a little flat; I found myself fighting against it at times. I enjoyed painting the still-life immensely. The arrangement was interesting and sometimes it's just pure … Continue reading