In the studio 8/30/15

My kids are used to seeing themselves in paintings. I use them as models a lot, although less these days than previously. Painting children is challenging and can easily lead to kitsch. There are always topics that are 'forbidden' in 'high art' (a single sentence with two sets of scare-quotes--a … Continue reading

In the studio 8/29/15

I finished Taking Note this morning. This was my 15th session with the 42" x 56" oil. I don't know the sitter. She is (I think) on the staff of the Cleveland Museum of Art. To me, this painting is pretty abstract, but all my paintings seem that way to me. Perhaps a better word than abstract … Continue reading

In the studio 8/23/15

Jane and Keith Aboard the Betty Jane is 4' x 5'. I've only had a few painting sessions so it's just now shareable. I think you can get a sense of what it's about. Paintings at 5 feet and larger introduce their own issues. Just covering that much canvas takes time and you have to premix … Continue reading