I bought some Lukas 1862 paint

In my Oil Paint Brand reference I ignore Lukas oils, assigning them to the student-grade category. Recently I purchased an assortment of their 1862 line, which is their premier line. The prices for the 1862 line is inline with affordable professional brands such as Blue Ridge, RHG, and Winsor Newton. After I put them through their paces, I’ll post a review and update my reference.

Fresh tubes of Lukas 1862 oil paint

Fresh tubes of Lukas 1862 oil paint

One thing that troubles me is that they add beeswax to their paint. I hate adulterants in paint. If I want something in the paint, I’ll put it there myself. I don’t believe the beeswax is added for economy (although it might be), but it still bothers me. For binder they use cold-pressed linseed oil (which I like) and safflower oil (which I don’t like).

Another thing that bothers me is that Lukas doesn’t offer any lead-based whites, which is a huge negative. Color me skeptical. Anyway, I will give them a decent trial then update my reference.

UPDATE: I wrote more about using the Lukas oils.

UPDATE: Finally completed my review.

  2 comments for “I bought some Lukas 1862 paint

  1. Woj
    December 31, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    Well? Any update appreciated!

  2. Tom Hudson
    January 12, 2017 at 10:38 am

    I haven’t used the Lukas oils enough to update my reference but I did post about some recent sessions. See the update.

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