In the studio 4/24/16

My work today on Spring was all blues: ultramarine blue-violet on the blouses of the outer-most figures; cerulean blue and black on the pants of the middle woman. Magnesium blue and Veronese green on the Bug. All cut with cool grays, of course.

The unfinished 'Spring'

The unfinished ‘Spring’

I love Old Holland paint; they’re my favorite, but they’ve priced themselves out of my range with their lurid prices. These days I stick with the good mid-range brands: W & N, RGH, and Blue Ridge (I just placed an order for more Blue Ridge colors). I used to use Doak a lot too, but their customer service is nonexistent, so when I finish what I have, that’ll be it.

I used Old Holland’s Madder Lake Deep on the central figure’s shirt and blouse. It’s a beautiful color that handles like a dream. Pigment density is rich and covers well.

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