In the studio 5/27/16

These small still lifes are based on photos I took during a trip to Colorado with my son, Garth.  I started both of them the same morning, the upper one first.  The larger one is 24" x 30".  The small format is unusual for me these days.  I've stuck with large-size paintings for a long time … Continue reading

In the studio 5/22/16

This painting, Two Women at Playhouse Square is 30" x 36."  As the name implies, it's part of my Playhouse Square series.  I did the smaller study in neutral grays earlier this year.  The painting is still rough, but you can see its bones. Sculpture and other architectural touches fill … Continue reading

In the studio 5/15/16

I have a lot of small canvases ready to go.  By small I mean in the 24' x 30' range. Recently, I started painting landscapes on three of them. You can see the beginning of one in the background sitting on the wastepaper basket. Yesterday I worked on the landscape seen out the window in … Continue reading

In the studio 5/1/16

It's raw and cold for a May day in NE Ohio.  It feels more like March than May--rainy, gray, and windy. A woman asked me why I don't spend more time teaching art on my website.  Seeing my puzzlement, she added, "You write about technical subjects related to painting, but you don't provide … Continue reading