In the studio 6/12/16

I went to our Main Street three separate times to take photographs for this composition.  I won’t bore you with why it took three trips.  I finally got photos I can use and cobbled together several for the design for this new oil, Woman Listening to a Phone on Main Street.  I’ll probably change the title. 😉

Underpainting, 'Woman Listening to a Phone on Main St.'

Underpainting, ‘Woman Listening to a Phone on Main St.’

The underpainting is almost done.  The figure’s hair and the bench need more work before I start over-painting.  What’s the difference between over-painting and under-painting?  I use the same medium throughout the painting, but during under-painting, I keep the paint matte.  I also make sure the drawing and overall design are working.   If I make changes, as I did in this instance, I make them during under-painting.  Originally, this painting had more things happening in front of the bench and on the left-side.

When I’m satisfied with the design, I start the over-painting.  During over-painting, I add more oil to the medium and sometimes use glazes.

The painting is 40″ x 50″. I worked on the drawing for several days before I started painting.

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