Monthly Archives: September 2016

In the studio 9/25/16

I ended the day with a session with Spring.  The canvas I used for this painting is the remnant of some cheap duck I bought long ago and forgot about.  I should have never found it.  I’ve struggled with the surface, which I should have expected.  

In the studio 9/24/16

Main Street #1 is almost done; I can smell it. I plan on taking my high school-age son and some of his friends down to Main Street in our town and take a lot of photos that I can use in my designs.  I like figures in front of the shop windows.  Our town is…

In the studio 9/18/16

Break is part of the Playhouse Square series. It’s 40″ x 50.” I’m a little tired as I write.  I worked on a 36″ x 48″ drawing this morning before switching to painting.  Break is the third and last painting I worked on today.  If I get a second wind, I’ll work on the drawing after…

In the studio 9/17/16

It’s an overcast day.  I don’t like photographing the work with artificial light, so this photo is not too hot.  But I think you can get a sense of how it’s progressing. 3 Women in Sandals is part of the Playhouse Square series.  It’s 44″ x 60.”

Drawing, drawing, drawing

Drawing is the heart and soul of art.  If the drawing is strong, you have to work hard to screw up a painting.  If the drawing is weak, you have to work hard to just produce mediocrity. I’ve gone through periods during which I did more drawing than painting, especially when I was young and painting…

In the studio 9/5/16

I am tired this evening so this is just a brief note.  This painting is part of my Playhouse Square series. It’s not done but it is moving briskly.  It’s 40″ x 50.”