In the studio 10/16/16

This painting, Girl in the Purple Boots II, is typical of how I work these days.  Like the earlier version, Girl in the Purple Boots I, the painting is based on a mash-up of several photos taken around the same time at the same location.  In the case of the Purple Boots paintings, the photos were taken in Manhattan.

'Girl in the Purple Boots II' on the easel

‘Girl in the Purple Boots II’ on the easel

I am doing the same thing with my Playhouse Square series.  By ‘same thing’ I mean make paintings based on photos taken at the same location.   I’ve taken a lot of photos over many sessions at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square.

Behind Girl in the Purple Boots II, you can see the beginning of a painting titled The Press.

Girl in the Purple Boots II  is 44″ x 60.”

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