In the studio 11/22/16

I worked on these three small paintings yesterday.  I am trying to keep all three simple.  Millie Talking, the painting sitting on the floor, is almost done. There are a few that still needs ‘saying.’


According to my Studio Journal, I notice that I’ve worked on the two landscapes at the same time, one after the other.   Yesterday’s sessions were the third for both of them.

I used a variant of my usual medium in these sessions.  I have some turpentine that I ‘flavored’ with Venice turpentine which I can substitute for my medium’s regular turpentine.  By ‘flavor,’ I mean adding a very small amount to the turp.  Venice turpentine imparts gloss and slows drying time.  I generally do not like glossy surfaces, but it can add charm to a painting’s final layers.  Even a small change to the medium affects how it handles and looks.  Of course, at this point, I am sensitive to anything that affects my medium.  

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