In the studio 11/25/16

I worked on Three Women in Sandals.  I toyed with calling the painting The Three Graces


I have always had a hard time settling on names for paintings and the problem seems to be getting worse.  The issue is that one can only use “Portrait of a Woman” or “Portrait of a Man” only a few times before it begins to confuse everyone, including me.  Regardless of the title, I am starting to cotton to this painting.

Speaking of ‘cotton to,’ I used the phrase in conversation recently and my interlocutor interrupted me to ask what the phrase meant–he had never heard it.  I have always used it, have you heard it?  It means to like someone or something; it’s similar to saying ‘he is starting to warm to the situation.’  I was recently reading Joyce’s Ulysses and one of Joyce’s characters used the phrase.

Three Women in Sandals is part of the Playhouse Square series.

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