Pastels on canvas

These two recent pastel drawings are on canvas. Primed canvas is an unusual support for pastels or charcoal because it’s not absorbent enough.  Pastel chalk falls off too easily.  I originally intended to use these canvases for paintings.  I had actually started painting on the larger of the two (the gray area in the lower left), but I really didn’t like the ground.  I’ve experimented a lot over the years with canvas preparation for oils and I’ve often finished paintings on canvases that were not to my liking, but, like I said, I really did not like these surfaces.  So I finished both as pastels.

On such non-absorbent surfaces a lot of color just falls off in spite of the frequent sprayings with varnish.  So I kept the drawing broad and loose. 

I have a decent stock of good pastel/charcoal paper and these two drawings remind me that it’s time to do some DRAWING.

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