Studio journal 1/29/17

Paintings take on a life of their own.  Sometimes that’s good; other times, not so good and I argue with the painting.  I am not arguing with Playhouse Square Visit but I am surprised at the direction it insists on taking me.  Not unhappy–just surprised.

Yep, I am getting ready to stretch more canvases, as you can see by the stretchers and canvas in the background.  I already have so many canvases and paintings in the studio I can barely move.  So what!  I’ve got plans–big plans! 🙂 

Plus, I am embarking on a series of drawings.  Mainly pastels.  I have a supply of good paper ready-to-hand.  The sheets are big but not real big.  I used all of my roll of drawing paper and the rolls I use for cartoons are not high quality.  

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