Grumpy review: RGH website

I placed a paint order on RGH’s website, and the agile boys at RGH promptly shipped two 250 ml jars of Paynes gray to me.  Unfortunately, I’d ordered two 250 ml jars of flake white.  I probably haven’t used more than 40ml of Payne’s gray in the past five years.

I checked the RGH website.  Sure enough, when I select flake white, the screen shows two different prices, one for the white and one for Payne’s gray.  The website has bugs so that when you select one color, another color is also selected.  Only the gray made it to the cart.

RGH recently changed to this new web design.  The older one had issues too.  When I ordered white, I was always careful to select the binder–cold-pressed linseed oil.  But each time I ordered, RGH emailed me to ask which binder I wanted.  Obviously, their site was not recording user selections. 

So, being the courteous and helpful consumer that I am, I took a screenshot of the bugged order and sent it to RGH.  The agile boys at RGH promptly replied and explained that their web designer was busy patching things up, and they would exchange the paint if I wanted them to.

I decided to keep the paint.  My confidence in RGH is rather low at this point.  Here’s a shot of one of the jars.  I keep RGH jars in baggies to keep them fresh; otherwise, they dry out.

The story has a happy ending.  I decided to shop around for another vendor of flake white and found one with reasonable prices.  I will review their paint soon.

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