New painting, underpainting

Today, I finished the underpainting for the new painting Girl in the Lavender Dress. I based the design on several photos taken around Cleveland’s Playhouse Square, so the painting is part of the Playhouse Square series. 

Girl in the Lavender Dress, after my second session, is on the easel in this photo.  On the Square, another painting in the Playhouse Square series is in the background.  You can see the same architectural details in both paintings.


This next photo shows the painting after my first painting session.  The ground–the surface tone– is made with my usual mixture of flake white, ivory black, and raw umber, although it is a little darker than my usual grounds. 


And here is the drawing transferred to the canvas from the cartoon.  The drawing is hard to see in the photo but it’s actually very distinct against the darker-than-usual ground.  The carbon transfer paper works very well.

Girl in the Lavender Dress is 36″ x 48.”

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