Winter rain

It’s unusual to get rain showers in February in NE Ohio.  Normally, the only precipitation we experience this time of year is snow–a lot of it.  But the warm weather, 70+, was accompanied by driving, slashing rain.

My son urged me to test the low-light capabilities of my new Nikon D750 camera.  Have a look.

This flashless photo is taken from our front porch.  The light is from the overhead porch lamp and the post lamp by the sidewalk.  You can clearly see the slashing rain.  We’ve had the gargoyle statue in the middle of the circle bushes for a long time.

I loved–dearly loved!–my D5200 but I can’t believe how insanely great the D750 is.  The D750 is a Christmas present.  Good ole Santa!  He set the naughty-nice bar pretty low last year.

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