Can’t wait to start painting

After preparing my palette and getting a cup of tea, I was met by cheery sunlight when I reentered the studio.  The morning had been gray and gloomy, so the unexpected light was uplifting.  I couldn’t wait to get started.  

I am restretching the large painting in the background–The Offensive.  I replaced the two commercial stretcher strips that snapped.  While I was doing that, another one snapped.  &%#!!  3 out of 4?  Using commercial strips was supposed to be a way to save time.  As happens often when I try to do that, I create other problems that take more time than normal.  This is the last time I use commercial stretcher strips for a large painting.       

I will build a new stretcher myself like I did with the big painting behind The Offensive.  2″ x 2″s and trim strips works very well.    

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