Studio journal 3/19/17

I recently bought some of Rublev’s Lead Oil Ground.  I’ve had mixed results with Rublev products.  Their oil paint is excellent.  Their burnt sienna is top shelf.  However, much of their stuff is less than wonderful.  They purport to be experts but I don’t see any evidence for that claim.  They sell a lot of thick, gloppy mediums for which they make all sorts of claims, but, to my mind, are useless.  

Their Lead Oil Groud is another disappointing product.  It’s thin and drippy–like house paint.  By contrast, Williamsburg’s excellent oil ground is thick–like paste.  I added whiting to the Rublev stuff and thickened it enough to make it spreadable.  I won’t buy any more Rublev Lead Oil Ground.     

As usual, here’s a memorial of recent work, including several recently finished paintings.  I finished Victory Park I, the painting with the dog, today.

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