Update to a recently ‘finished’

See, I know I’m my own worst critic.  Whenever I finish a painting, I put it away so I can’t look at it for several weeks.  If I don’t put it away, I’ll find things that bug me every time I look at it.  After a few weeks, I can look at my work with fresh eyes having forgotten earlier issues.  

Yesterday, I finished Victory Park I.  I added it to my gallery and even blogged about it.  But last night, having forgotten to put it away, I saw something that really bugged me.  So I updated the finished painting.  I corrected the troublesome issue and added something new–just for fun.  

See if you can see what I added.

Original finished version:



Updated version:


This used to happen more frequently but over time I’ve learned to discipline myself about leaving the finished stuff alone.

Palette after three days:


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