Boating season soon

Even though the winter was mild, we are just now at the beginning of the boating season.  The Betty Jane is the middle boat in this photo.  It’s shrink-wrapped like its winter-storage neighbrors.  Shrink wrapping protects the boats during winter storage and, as you can see, it’s commonly done in marinas along Lake Erie in NE Ohio.

You can see in this photo that most boats–by far–are still in storage and the marina docks are empty except for a few fishing boats.

In this last photo, I stripped the shrinkwrap from The Betty Jane and fastened the cockpit tarp in place.  The tarp protects the cockpit and engine well during the season.

Next, we’ll touch-up the haul-bottom with ablative paint and then give her a good washing.  Finally, we’ll polish and wax her before launch on May 2nd.

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