Turpentine diaries 7/16/17

I decided to work on my backlog of unfinished studies and small paintings. I worked on all of the paintings in the photo today, the bottom-left one last.

One small study, not shown, has a problem and I’m trying to decide how to resolve it.  Before I work on a painting, I always wipe it with denatured alcohol.  The alcohol prevents new oil paint from beading.  My medium is fast-drying and I can wipe a painting surface the day after working on it. 

Anyway, some of the paint on this one small study lifts off the surface when wiped with an alcohol-soaked rag.  This isn’t good.  I started the study several months ago and according to my studio notes, I didn’t use anything that should cause the problem.   The problem is either the ground or one of the ingredients was mislabeled.  Perhaps one of the paint tubes was funky.  It’s the only badly-behaved painting I have just now.  

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