Turpentine diaries 7/6/17

My wife and youngest son are visiting the Jersey Shore and I miss them, so yesterday I took up Millie Talking to Her Friends.  The Millie in the painting is my wife’s grandmother.  Millie has been in-hand for some time but I’ve had just 3-4 sessions with it.  After working on Millie and several other paintings, such as the one in the background of this photo–Phone Call on Main Street, I called my wife to wish her happy birthday. 

I was hoping to finish Millie yesterday but it slipped to this morning.  I am happy with this painting.  I kept things simple.

As I was working on the painting today, I realized that I had forgotten to wish my wife happy birthday during our phone call. [shakes head]

Happy birthday, Kate.  I love and miss you.

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