Best deal in flake white

RGH has the best deal for the all-important flake white.  Their cremnitz white extra fine is $46.25 for a 250 ml jar.  By comparison, a 237 ml jar of Williamsburg’s flake white is $57.  Old Holland, which I don’t buy because of their lurid prices, costs $172 for 225 ml tube.  That’s after heavy discounts.   

The extra fine only comes with safflower binder, which would not be my preference.  Having said that, the paint handles very well.  I am completely satisfied with it.  For their  ‘normal’ flake white, you can order any binder you want (except poppy)–safflower, walnut, linseed, or cold-pressed linseed.  They are the only manufacturer that offers the artist a choice of binders, which makes the single binder for the ‘extra fine’ white puzzling.   

I prefer oil paint in tubes but I found if I keep the jars double-bagged in plastic bags, the paint stays fresh.

RGH extra fine is my preferred white these days.

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