Turpentine diaries 11/25/17

Yesterday’s Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful at our house.  We had three of our children here to share my wife’s delicious turkey and stuffing. Daughter Jane baked an apple pie, and son Keith made deep-fried mac and cheese.  The latter was something I’d never eaten.  Everything was excellent and, for once, I didn’t eat too much.

This morning I was in the studio bright and early as usual.  During the afternoon session, I worked on this small painting, which is part of the Playhouse Square series.  The surface of this canvas is a little poor so I added a wee bit of Venice turpentine to my medium.  Beside enhancing handling, it prevents the paint from sinking in.

I thought today’s session was the best yet for this canvas.  Hopefully, I can keep the good times rolling.

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