Turpentine journal 11/19/17

Upsidedown. It’s useful to look at your paintings in mirrors or upsidedown, as I’ve down here.  The old rule-of-thumb maintains that a painting should be balanced when looked at normally and in a mirror.  That old rule-of-thumb still holds as far as I’m concerned.  Three Women in Sandals, part of the Playhouse Square series, looks OK upsidedown; there are no surprises.

For today’s session, I am once again using RGH’s extra-fine flake white.  I had been using RGH’s flake white ground in walnut oil and I liked it. Their extra-fine white is ground in safflower oil.

Three Women in Sandals is locked in a good place but several things still bug me.  No, I won’t tell you what they are.  Once I can satisfy myself regarding those issues, I can finish the painting quickly.  We’ll see.

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