Turpentine diaries 1/21/18

I was going to write about some medium-related topics today but I am tired and want to keep this brief.

Today’s sessions with Down on Prospect Avenue were filled with pushing and pulling.  Not struggling but pounding things into shape: somethings lighter; somethings darker; somethings cooler; somethings warmer–you get the picture (no pun intended).

I also pared back my palette to something close to what it used to be–very limited colors.  I’ve written before about how through a combination of wallet and strategy, I used to limit my palette colors stringently.  So it was a deliberate choice to increase my colors and loosen up.  It was very hard at first.  That was several years ago and it’s time to prune the nice-to-have colors like ultramarine violet and cadmium red-purple.  It’s convenient to have those colors straight from the tube but it’s also wasteful.

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