Turpentine diaries 1/28/18

I’ve written several times about the oil paint manufacturer RGH.  No, I don’t have a relationship with them, it’s just that I use their product a lot.  Their flake white is my current go-to white.  They also sometimes send me free paint when I order from them, such as the jar of blue ochre on my palette in this photo. 

Because I recently purged the nice-to-have colors from my palette, when I found the jar of blue ochre in my last order, I didn’t think it would make it onto my palette.  But I tried it, and I like it so much I’m permanently adding it to my regular colors.  You can see a pile of it above the jar in the photo.  Blue ochre is a cool earthy-green and is an excellent replacement for green earth, which I haven’t used in years; it’s too yellow and too transparent.

Blue ocrhe turns out to be a good fit for neutral flesh tones.


I worked on this painting today–Along 4th Street.  The photo is so bad I hesitate to post it.  I’m playing with the RAW file format on my Nikon, and this is one of my experiments. 


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