Turpentine diaries 3/11/18

I caught a cold or some such yesterday and, under its influence, I didn’t write my planned-for post.  Today, I am still under the weather but have roused myself to write a few lines.

March is my least-favorite month.  The first warm days induce Spring fever.  Compelled outside by the bright sunshine only to discover that it’s brutally cold.  What a trick.  I remember taking a snow shovel to the playground during a grade-school March.  Snow and cold wouldn’t stop our play.

I was working on Lunch Alone, the painting on the easel, when I ran out of steam.  Luckily, I had finished the painting in the background, Girl in the Lavender Dress, in the morning before I felt the effects of the cold.  Girl in the Lavender Dress is part of the Playhouse Square series even though the design is from a mash-up of several photos, some unrelated to Playhouse Square.



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