Turpentine diaries 3/24/18

I am using Utrecht flake white these past several days.  I like it.  It has good covering strength and it’s decently priced.  While I like RGH better, RGH prices keep creeping higher.  Plus, a recently-purchased tube of raw umber is an oily mess.  The tube leaks oil and the oil spreads like a small lake on the palette.  I know that umber is a difficult color to grind because it’s so drying but–yeesh.

Anyway, here are two recently started paintings.  The top painting, Blah, Blah, Blah, is 30″ x 36;” the lower one, Keith Wearing a Fur Cap, is 30″ x 40.”

Until recently, I used neutral-toned, middle-value grounds but I’ve changed to white grounds.  As a consequence, the first pass with paint (the under-painting), is thicker than with the non-white grounds.  Although I take pains to preserve the drawing, I just want to get paint down, and I don’t worry overmuch about the details. I think what I’m saying is evident in these newly started-paintings.  

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