Turpentine diaries 4/29/18

I thought it would be fun to compare Agamemnon and Orestes after the second day to the first day–bottom photo.  After the second day, the underpainting is finished.  The underpainting is about getting paint on the canvas and not worrying overmuch about details.  At 44″ x 60,” the painting’s large size (for me) dictates the pace.


Agamemnon and Orestes day 2

Back when I started this blog, I intended to create tutorials that stepped through the creation of a painting.  I think I did one or two, but then I decided to do podcasts instead.  Only I’ve never got around to doing podcasts. 

Agamemnon and Orestes first day

Now, I think I’m ready to start making the podcasts.  Anyway, I bought a microphone.

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