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Turpentine diaries 5/19/18

The morning session with Agamemnon and Orestes was slow and easy.  With a large painting like this (44″ x 60″), I use hog bristle brushes for most of the work.  Today I used 5s and 6s.  You can see some of them on the easel table.  I always dip my brushes in oil when I…

Review: Eyewitness Views

The Cleveland Museums of Art’s Eyewitness Views: Making History in Eighteenth-Century Europe is the best show I’ve seen at the museum since I started my near-weekly visits six years ago.  As good as the show is, however, the theme–artists as eyewitnesses to history–is a stretch.  The paintings are souvenirs of public events in (equally important)…

Turpentine diaries 5/6/18

This photo shows Crossing after my 4th session. Nothing is close to being finished except the blue of the sky, ultramarine blue + cobalt blue + flake white. The broad range of scale among the figures is fun to paint. As an exercise, try changing-up the scale in your paintings.