Turpentine diaries 6/17/18

The thing about this Fabriano drawing pad is I can work-up drawings with pencil or pen–my two favorite materials–without mess or fuss.  The really good paper I save for charcoal or pastel, but this paper is terrific for pencil drawing. This photo shows two recent pencil drawings on Fabriano bristol.

This morning, I finished a painting and signed it, then starting working on the painting in the following photo.  As the day wore on, I knew I had more work on the “finished” painting. I’ll wait for a few days then see how I feel. In the past, I’ve gone through periods when I struggled with done, not done.

Anyway, I had several good sessions with this painting, Sub Rosa, before my Father’s Day dinner. It’s hot here in northern Ohio, nearly 90, and tomorrow is supposed to be worse.

I went to Vermilion’s Festival of the Fish yesterday and took 500+ photos. Grist for the mill.

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