Turpentine diaries 6/24/18

The drawing on the easel in the following photo is lead on pastel paper.  I’d intended to highlight it with white but decided it was OK as it is.

The painting on the easel, Woman in the Plum-colored Hat, is still newish, not many sessions yet. It’s 30″ x 40.”

I was satisfied by today’s session, which isn’t always the case–far from it. Yesterday’s session (another 30″ x 40″ painting) was very unsatisfying.  I never got into the groove.  I was a little under the weather so maybe that affected me.

Eventually, I concentrated on technical issues, which is my normal practice in these circumstances.  I used some more of Grove’s Cole’s varnish.  It’s an odd concoction; the more I use it, the less I like it.  It’s too tight when thinned with turps.  It’s more promising with white spirits but, like maroger, details are tough. It’s best reserved for sketching or other situations where details don’t matter much.

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