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Turpentine diaries 8/19/18

For today’s session with Lunch Alone, in addition to my usual medium, I used ‘flavored’ turpentine for my solvent: turpentine with some homemade drying oil, plus drops of Courtrai siccative. Readers of my blog know I post a lot about mediums and other arcane elements of art making. If you want to start experimenting with mediums,…

Turpentine diaries 8/18/18

I am keeping everything simple and direct with The Woman in the Red Pants. Overworking can be death to a painting.  On the other hand, I have a horror of the blast, fire, shoot, throw, and fling army of ala prima painters who’ve taken over the Art World, at least the ‘figurative’ part of it. …

Turpentine journal 8/13/18

Here is my first session with Keep Talking.  Today, I just threw paint onto the canvas without worrying overmuch about details, although I was–as always–careful to preserve the drawing. It’s risky to share such raw, unfinished paintings but I think there’s enough that you can get the gist of it.  Keep Talking is 36″ x…

Painting Tom

Painting Tom is a short film by Jake Harness. Jake is a young filmmaker and Painting Tom is part of his documentary on creative people.

To my suprise, I enjoyed the experience. Painting Tom is, as you might guess, about me painting.