Turpentine diaries 8/26/18

I am happy with my painting medium, as I’ve written before, but I also like to kick the tires of new offerings. I wrote about my use of Grove’s Cole’s medium several times, noting how that the more I used it, the less I liked it. Eventually, I put it aside, storing it in the cupboard I reserve for other unused curiosities. 

Unfinished painting ‘Crossing,’ 40″ x 50″

During today’s session with Crossing, I used tape to mask an area.  To my dismay, I pulled paint from the surface when I removed the tape. This had never happened before on those occasions when I used tape. My normal medium dries quickly and rock-hard. I can wipe the surface with denatured alcohol the day after painting.

My studio journal indicates that I used Grove’s Cole’s medium during earlier sessions with Crossing.  The last time I worked on this painting was more than a month ago, so the painting is certainly dry.  Because some paint beneath the tape was unaffected; I cannot blame the Cole’s without reservation. It’s possible, although unlikely, that some other accident affected the surface in a way that makes it difficult for the paint to adhere. But it might just be the Cole’s. I put my remaining supply in the garbage.

I was able to repair the damage, as can be seen in the photo, so no harm, no foul. I will continue to use Grove’s other materials, especially his 19th Century Copal varnish, which is a staple in my normal medium. As a matter of fact, I ordered four bottles of it yesterday.


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